Flashing Androids


So I got my hands on a copy of Flash cs5.5 (o.O) and I’ve been playing with the android system. Back when cs5 was released with the ios exporter I was very underwhelmed. It was cumbersome to use, it ran slow, and functionality was very limited. Well, Adobe has been very busy. The new system they introduced with cs5.5 and the continual player updates have made mobile air development real. My first couple of hours playing with it I went from hello world, to a simple touch game, and then to an app with google maps integrated. The ease of development and toolset offered by Adobe for mobile development is simply incomparable. Mobile air apps will never be able to compete with apps built on the native hardware/rendering systems, but for a cross platform option I’m impressed and excited. If only you could package the air player in with the app so it doesn’t require the user to download the separate air app. I’ll keep playing.

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