About BHBooker.com:

This site was created to house my portfolio, share tutorials, display some tech, and generally make me seem more professional. If it accomplishes three of those things I’ll consider it a success.

About Professional Me:

I graduated from FullSail in February of 2006 with a BA Game Development. After graduation I was immediatly hired by FullSail to work in their Structure of Game Production and Structure of Game Design classes. The course director for SGP and SGD told me one day that if I learned actionscript he would have some part-time work for me. And, that was the real beginning of my professional career.

My career has mostly been dedicated to games creation. I’ve built simple adver-games for companies like National Lampoon and Women’s Entertainment TV. I’ve constructed large scale virtual worlds like Tootsville. I’ve built serious games for the US government. And full client prototyping architecture for Video Gaming Technologies. For a more complete view of my career view my Linked-In Profile

About the Real Me:

Gaming is my primary hobby. I have a fairly significant collection of modern games across all platforms and genres. As a member of the games industry I feel it is my obligation to play and study all game formats: console, PC, handheld, phone, Facebook, board, and card games. (at least thats what I tell my girlfriend) I rarely watch TV but when I do it’s usually the Daily Show. I read mostly fantasy novels like the Fire and Ice Series and Temeraire. I also throw a yo-yo around with a bit of competency.