Lazyness, thy name is Booker


My never-ending battle with laziness wages on. To make matters worse a buddy of mine got me in the SWTOR beta. This has not helped my productivity. In fact, I took the day off today just to play it. So sad… so very sad. Well I am actually putting some time into the portfolio today. I’ve got most of the meat of the thing done, its just a matter of making it pretty and cranking out info on my work.

Also doing some really crazy stuff at work. I’ve been working on a Flash Component that will load swfs at development time. This would theoretically allow you to use the Flash GDI to layout swf or image based game objects and then you could use jsfl to export a game layout file. Then you turn around and use that xml file in PBE, or some other proprietary rendering system. (we’re using it for scaleform) If we get it working (big ‘if’ there) I will do a series of posts on it. Look forward to that!

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