Winding down development on the Air Android game I’ve been working on. Now we’re just gold-plating the hell out of it. Do we need to add Facebook log in, or database storage, or sound effects, or bonus games? No, no we do not. It was just supposed to be a proof of concept. Oh well. As I always say, If you’re going to do something – do it to the point that you start scaring the people around you. Since this thing is technically owned by my parent company I haven’t figured out yet how I’ll be sharing info on it. We shall see…

Special shout out to my partner in crime in this little endeavor: Brian Lachniet. Go read his blogs and learn something! Unlike me, he pretends to be a professional. Oh to be young and stupid…

In other news I’m going to Adobe Max! I’m honestly quite excited because I’ve never been to like a real professional conference type thing. I’m sure I’ll make a huge ass out of myself and have to find a new career, so that will be fun!

Also, I ordered an Asus eeeeeeeepad transformer so that should be fun to break.

Peace and Hairgrease

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