New beginnings


Welcome to For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a game programmer thats been developing in Flash since I graduated in early 2006. My career in the games industry has afforded me little time to dedicate to my own concepts and my own projects. Contractual obligations have also prevented me from being able to share many of my higher profile or more interesting work. This has left me with a fairly undeserved and uninspired portfolio (in my own humble opinion). So, I intend to use this site to promote myself, share code, build a respectable portfolio, play with some new API’s, build some games, and hopefully meet some of my contemporaries. I don’t pretend to be an expert so any and all feedback is welcome as I fumble about with new technology and API’s. My first goal is to start with the PushButton engine. I hope to deliver my first beginner’s tutorial on the site within the week. On top of learning PushButton I’m having to learn WordPress – so bare with me as I butcher the site in an attempt to get something out.

I want to throw a big thanks out to a few people who helped make this site happen. First is Emily Carlin who took precious time out of her busy day to create the site you are now eyeballing. I highly suggest you visit her company’s site and get her to make you a blog. I assure you she is far more professional than me and any oddities that occur as you view the site are my fault and not hers. I also want to thank John Harman for the awesome logo at the top of the page. He has a cool geek culture web presence at, go check it out. And lastly I want to thank Charles Fairchild for agreeing to be my Project Manager in all this. He’s agreed to take time out of his day to yell at me until I work on things. I still have yet to discover what he gets out of this, other than the ability to yell at me and somehow make me feel guilty about it.

So that’s it. Thanks for visiting. It’s still very much in production so be wary.


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  1. like your new web page brandon, emily definately has a good since of imaging. hope everything takes off for you..

    lil bro


  2. Found some typo-s, you should fix that. This button doesn’t work. Nice color scheme (pssh). Found a broken link. I have no idea what I’m looking at /trollface.


    • Listen jerk face you can either be helpful and tell me what the typos are and where the broken link is, or I can drive to Orlando and kick you in the nuts. Your call. /rageface


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